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Every Monday I deep dive into new skincare or makeup topic in sustainability, clean, and technology-focused newness. Learn what legacy beauty brands are doing to be sustainable, discover new sustainable and clean brands in my product reviews, learn who is doing the work to make the world a more beautiful place, not only for our look but for the planet.

My name is Lacee Deniz and I will be your host on the Evolve Beaute podcast. I’m a beauty business professional with fourteen years of experience in all aspects of the beauty industry, from being a hairstylist, beauty sales, education, national makeup artist for luxury cosmetics companies, and current an account executive for a very famous haircare collection.

Now more than ever people are becoming more aware of their beauty consumption habits and are seeking the beauty brands taking action. Evolve beauty will help you learn to incorporate a sustainable, clean, and technology-focused beauty routine into your life.

Please join me on this sustainable beauty journey as I learn along with you.

Please be sure to like and subscribe where you love to listen and you can follow me on instagram at evovlebeautepodcast or email

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